Saturday, April 24, 2010


So just an update on how my projects are doing. I finished another painting in my Dance of Death series - the Prime Minister
(formerly the Cardinal). I am now working on the Bishop. I decided to not change the title of this one, though I will be making it my own version. With all the scandals going on in the church, I've decided to make Death into a policeman, leading the bishop away. I think this makes it more relevant to the present day. Below is the original by Hans Holbein.

I also set the date of my show Dec.3 -11. Now i'm committed! Exciting and scary.

The novel is coming along slowly but surely. I finished chapter four, and have started on chapter five. I'm not sure about the end of the chapter four, and might cut it or change it later, but it's still the first draft. It's also tricky because it's difficult to write sex into a story in a a way that isn't gratuitus. Feedback so far is that the scene seems natural to the story, which I'm pleased to hear.

Music wise I've been enjoying the new Slash album. There's some pretty intresting collaborations on it. Who would guess Fergie would be one of them? But I have to admit I really enjoy her on the song Beautiful Dangerous. Crucify the Dead (a song that appears to be about Axl) and Gotten are two more of my faves. The only one I don't like is the remake of Paradise City. In my opinion it's just a song you don't cover - it's perfect the way it is.

That's all for now. :)

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