Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monthly Fashion Theme- Gray

Once again it's time for Sophistique Noir's monthly fashion theme. This month the theme is gray, a colour I don't often wear. I actually only own one grey item, a skirt I wear for work sometimes. I'm not big in the colour gray, but I do like this skirt, as it's a pencil skirt and I think it's rather flattering. So here are a couple of pics of me at work, in my Corp goth look.

My desk and plant (his name is Boris) are in the background.

On a side note - happy Leap day! During Victorian times, a woman could propose to a man on Leap day. If he refused he had to give her a gift of 12 pairs of gloves. Supposedly this was to hide the fact she did not have an engagement ring some think. Either way, 12 pairs of gloves isn't too shabby of a gifting my opinion.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Trip to Toronto

Last week I took a short weekend trip to Toronto to visit my old friend Jehan (affectionally known as Jiji). We were very good friends back in high school. There were four of us that would hang out, go shopping, go to the movies, sleep over etc. At the end of first year university she moved back to Egypt, and I haven't seen her since. Well, almost 20 years later, I got a phone call from her that she was coming to Toronto for a few days, so we decided to meet up.

I flew out on Friday morning (thanks Westjet for bumping me to a direct flight when I got to the airport). I've been to the Toronto airport a few times but never actually visited the city.
I was only there for a day and a half so we didn't venture far. We stayed downtown, just off of Dundas Square the main shopping area. The square makes me think of a mini Times Square, with lots of billboards, tv screens etc. I would of loved to find some goth type shops, but I had to make do with the regular type mall of Eatons Centre.

I was there to spend time with Jiji though, and we had a great time. We shopped, and went to the movies (I told her it was her turn to pick a movie). I gently suggested The Woman in Black, but we ended up watching This Means War, which was okay as far as romantic comedies go. We also went to the Hard Rock Cafe and a cool 50s style diner place.

Light fixture at the Hard Rock Cafe

Eatons Centre

The only thing that marred our otherwise fab get together was on Saturday night. We were walking to a restaurant nearby, and some little gangster type guy walked by and punched us! It wasn't super hard, but he hit me in the chest and her in the arm as her walked between us and scuttled off. It was so weird because he didn't say anything. We were spooked though. Then that night, our neighbors in the hotel were super noisy, they were yelling in the hall and we had to call security three times. We got almost no sleep. Then when we woke up in the morning there was a condom in the hotel hallway - eww. All in all it didn't leave me with a good impression of Toronto. We agreed when we meet again we won't go there.
If you live or are familiar with Toronto, where would you recommend a person go?

Jiji and I in our noisy hotel room.

Shot from the air near Thunder Bay

I flew home Sunday morning, tired but happy to have gone and spent time with a dear friend. My lovely BF met me at the airport and when I got back to my apartment I found this that he'd left for me.

Isn't he the sweetest?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Victorian Valentines and Giveaway winner.

Happy Valentine's Day dear readers. I hope it has been a good one, wether or not you have a honey on your life right now. Given the holiday, I thought I'd write about Victorian Valentine's Day cards.
Romance is something the Victorians loved, so it was only natural that they would take to this amorous holiday. The festivity originated from the Roman fertility celebration of Lupercalia, which the Church changed to St.Valentine's day in the 5th century. There are several saints named Valentine, and it is debatable which one the day is named after, but the older association with fertility and ultimately romance remained.
Valentine greetings in the form of letters date back to at least the 15th century. Lovers would exchange notes and sometimes small gifts. Hand drawn cards started to become popular in the 1700s and became increasingly more so during the 1800s.

Not only were many Victorian cards hand drawn and painted, but were often decorated elaborately with lace, ribbons, flowers and feathers. Stationary makers began to capitalize on the Valentine's market and made intricate cards, some included pockets for putting a lock of hair in, others had a small mirror on them, while other cards included pop up pictures.

In the 1830s the London stationary manufacturer Joseph Addenbrooke figured out how to make paper lace and added these to cards, which became a popular addition especially as more cards became manufactured items.

During the later Victorian era, Valentines cards were not just given to lovers but family and friends as well. Many took on a more friendly nature, and there were even comical ones printed, like the one below.

By the time the Edwardian era rolled around, manufactured Valentine's cards outnumbered the hand drawn variety and it continues to be so today.
What are your preferences with Valentine's cards? Personally I like them, everything from the kiddy kinds you get in a box (like Spongebob) to the cute mushy romantic ones (like the one I got from my BF with two little bulldog puppies on it).

Also I am announcing the winner to my thank you draw. Drum roll... The winner is......Mormelar! Please email me at with your details and I will send it to you.
And thanks again to everyone for reading my little blog! :)

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Batfit 2012 - First Four Challenges

I thought I'd write an update on my participation in Le Professeur Gothique's Batfit 2012 challenge. Our fabulous professor, has set 4 challenges for us so far, and here is how I've been doing.

1. Get a journal and make a journal entry of your health goals.

This is the journal I use for a variety of things, including Batfit. My goals are pretty simple this year. I want to maintain my weight of 116 lbs, eat healthier, drink more water, and do yoga regularly. I have been pretty good with the weight and have been doing yoga almost daily. Water I go up and down with, and some days I fall off the healthy food wagon. (I just made cupcakes in fact).

2. Dance to music like VNV nation for at least 20 minutes a day.
This I do pretty regularly in the morning before work anyway. It helps get me going for the day. :)

3. Pick a negative habit and replace it with a positive one.
For me I have been focusing on lessening my contact with negative people, and replacing it with hanging out with more positive friends. I actually have been doing this for a little while. Sometimes people still can bug me and there are some people I can only minimize my contact with, but I have been overwhelmingly spending my time with friends and family that I love.

4. Be nice to yourself.
I have been trying to do a little nice thing for myself each day as Le Professeur Gothique set for us. Lately that has meant bubble baths, but also I bought myself some new black leggings, as my old ones were getting worn and needed replacing.

So if you're participating in Batfit, how have you been doing?

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Thank You Giveaway

I apologize for my lack of posting this past week. Things got a little busy, but I'm back into routine now. First of all I'd like to thank everyone for following this little blog. When I first started writing it, I thought maybe a couple of friends would read it. Now there are 107 of you! Thank you so much for following me! I love getting your comments and welcome any feedback you might be able to give me. What would you like to see? More Victorian history posts? More reviews? More outfit posts? Let me know. Also as a thank you I'm giving away the painting below.

The photo I took of it is on a slight angle as to avoid any shadow, but I assure you it is a regular rectangular shape. It's a 5x10 inch acrylic on canvass painting, part of my Haunted Victorian Girls series. If you would like it, please just leave a comment below, and I'll enter you into the draw. If you mention it on your blog, I'll enter you in the draw twice, just leave a comment below linking to your blog post. The deadline for entry is Monday Feb.13 and I will announce the winner on Feb.14. I will send it anywhere in the world, so wether you live in Vladivostok, or Vancouver, you can be entered in the draw.
Finally I enjoy reading your blogs! If you have a blog I'm not already following please let me know, and send me the link in the comment box. :)
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