Monday, September 1, 2014

Monthly Theme Makeup!

I'm happy to see that monthly themes are back on the Sophistique Noir blog! I love Miss Kitty's themes and it's always fun to read all the other participants' posts as well.

For my daily makeup routine, I always start with Neutrogena's Helioplex sunscreen at 110. It doesn't matter if it is winter or summer I always wear it.

Next I apply liquid liner to my eyes. I prefer kinds that have a small brush rather than a pen tip. I find it is more accurate and you can get thinner lines. After the liner I apply my eyeshadow. Right now I'm using NYX brand. I apply a black to my lower kid and a complimentary colour to what I'm wearing just above that, blending the two together. (Today the colour is the light purple you see above). I then use a makeup sponge to wipe off any fall out and make any corrections. Finally I apply mascara to finish my eye area.

I move on to lips next. I use a long wear lipstick first in a red, as I want my colour to last throughout the day. Right now it's Revlon's Everlasting Wine. However it isn't quite the colour I want, and as I find those lipsticks a bit drying, I use a Mac colour I like overtop instead of the Chapstick like layer you would usually use. This way I have the colour I want and the it's long lasting. My favourite is Dark Side for a deep red.

As a last step I put in my liquid foundation. This may seem backwards, but it helps me to avoid fallout and have a more finished look. I use a fluffy makeup brush to apply for an airbrushed look. I use L'Oreal True Match in porcelain. Below is the finished look.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoy the themes! :) I use that same sunblock when I know I'm going to be outdoors. I never thought to use it as a daily moisturizer, but I might just have to try that! I always apply my foundation after I finish my eye makeup, but I do my eyebrows and lips afterwards, as I find I tend to smear those with the foundation brush. Great idea about layering lipsticks to get exactly the color, texture and staying power you want.

  2. I've never considered putting on foundation last. I've been using a translucent powder so I'll have to give it a try. I have fairly oily skin so I usually don't use liquid foundations but I'm going to give the True Match a try.

    Love your hair!

  3. Good on you using the sunscreen every day. I've used that foundation also, and I think it does have an SPF as well. I love your hair!!! Also your eyes are HUGE! :)

  4. I also do my foundation after doing dark eyes.
    I used to wear that Sunscreen! I loved it! ♥
    Now I use a their "Sport face" one. It's more liquidy.

    You are gorgeous!